Services - Curb Side Recycling

Wallace Bros. stands out among our local waste and recycling competitors by offering Single Stream Recycling to all of our customers at no monthly charge. Single Stream Recycling allows customers to place all recyclables, unsorted into one bag, making recycling simple and convenient.

Please call our office today to sign up for our curbside recycling program and order your roll of recycling bags. Or visit our recycling facility in Brazil and drop off your recycling free of charge. There is no need to purchase recycling bags if you bring your recyclables to the Brazil Recycling Center.

Below is a list of the recycling materials Wallace Bros. accepts:

*#1 - #7 Plastics

* Cardboard and Paperboard

*Aluminum and Tin cans



*Loose paper

Wallace Bros. does not accept glass or Styrofoam for recycling.

We also provide recycling for electronics for a small fee. Call our office at 866-443-5904 with any questions you may have about electronic recycling.